Our Company

ARLab is a global software development lab and digital lab company with over 20 years of experience in software development and digital marketing.

We are a one-stop development and digital company that specialises in mobile applications, web applications, blockchain solutions, enterprise software development, custom software solutions, on-demand software solutions, search engine optimisation and search engine marketing, and digital and growth marketing solutions.

We are a Quality Assured Company so you can be assured that we take both ours and your business seriously.


Respect, dignity, and integrity in everything we do and say in our interaction with our clients and our people. The knowledge that at the end of each day we have done everything we can to protect your business by delivering world class solutions.


A core value in our development, delivery and growth marketing approach is to ensure total respect and care for the client’s business. Making false commitments to cynically “grab a client” puts your business at risk and is contrary to long term sustainable relationships. In our view it is the greatest disrespect of all.

Our Difference

At ARLab we help businesses and people love what they do for a living. By combining our passion with personalised process-driven development and digital solutions and the most advanced technology available today, we deliver world class solutions and enhance livelihoods

Our Expertise

Enterprise Software

Businesses that effectively utilise software to create efficient processes dominate the market today. Custom enterprise software addresses all the shortcomings by providing pure customisation, security, and reducing ongoing costs.

Mobile App

Our mobile app development team has over 20 years of experience building award winning mobile apps using native iOS and Android technologies as well as hybrid frameworks such as React Native.
We specialise in experience-driven applications that are engaging and attract users.

Web Application

Using our human centred UX approach, we craft high end digital experiences that are secure, intuitive, and most importantly scalable. Web apps present the lowest barrier to entry for your user and will always be an effective tool for problems that fall within scope.


We are on the forefront of emerging tech, such as Blockchain, AR/VR, Machine Learning and AI. This is the tech that is pushing the boundaries of UX and merging the physical & digital worlds.
Our team will provide you with the most up to date information & innovative use cases.